Easy ART for kids....How does the kit work...

1. Apply Color Shield


The Art Nanny Art painting kit has several kits including the Tall ship, Polar Bear, Robot & more, Flowers etc...   First apply apply the themed ColorShield to the paper to preserve your theme. The Art Nanny Art Kit is designed to create an identifiable art work. The Art Nanny is retailing of toys nationwide and beyond. 

2.Design your background using art materials provided.


Color your background as you please! Participants have artistic license to create at will. You can be a skilled artist or a 20 month old who scribbles. The outcome will always be a recognizable, identifiable themed artwork!
Such easy art for kids, they will be proud of their outcomes!
Toddler art supplies and up! A kit includes all art supplies online!

3.Remove the ColorShield & fill in the negative space


After removing the ColorShield, participants will be left with the negative space of the theme. The last step is to fill in the space at will!

    Each kit comes with all you need and a frame to display your finished artwork!